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Squire Training is providing 15 Care Certificate standards aim to cover all aspects of health and social care, to prepare employees for their work. With the care certificate training resources listed below, you can ensure your Care staff are inducted with up-to-date, CPD approved materials.

Through the Care Certificate Training, it has covered include their duty of care as a health professional, and their responsibility to preserve the dignity and privacy of the people they work with. This incorporates equality and diversity training, along with guidance on the safe handling of sensitive information. Care Certificate training within the NHS highlights the importance of person-centred care and effective communication with patients and their families. This is a vital factor in patient safeguarding, determining consent, and recognising signs of distress or mistreatment.

Staff must also be aware of health and safety protocols, including infection control, and safe moving and handling guidelines. These approved Care Certificate eLearning resources also raise awareness of mental health concerns, learning disabilities, and other physical and cognitive disorders that may serve as barriers to communication.

We are covering 15 Care Certificate standards for care worker, health care assistant and care support workers.



Course Information

  • Course Location: Whitechapel
  • Course Delivery: Part Time

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